About Ellsworth Arts

About Ellsworth Arts

Ellsworth Arts is a not for profit organization consisting entirely of volunteers of all ages who help support our main program - screening outdoor movies. Many of our volunteers are students and Ellsworth Arts provides valuable mentorship opportunities for them. Ellsworth Arts promotes Ellsworth, Maine as a center for creative production, acts as a positive force in our community and advocates for cultural expression rooted in a sense of place.

Program Achievements

Ellsworth Arts Outdoor Movies (2009 to present)  Ellsworth Arts started showing Outdoor Movies at the Knowlton Park on State Street in Downtown Ellsworth in 2009. Every Thursday night in July and August, we inflate a very large screen and project movies for kids and families. The large grassy green space and playground at the the Park makes the site very special for us as it is beautiful, comfortable and safe.  Thursday night movie night under the stars is now a great community tradition. The City of Ellsworth has renovated the Knowlton Park including the new amphitheater for the movies and other outdoor events. The Knowlton park is Ellsworth's premier community space.

Arts and Entertainment Website (2007 to 2014) Ellsworth Arts hosted the Downtown Ellsworth Arts and Entertainment website featuring community events, activities and cultural hot spots.

Acadia Night Sky Festival (2010 to 2012) Ellsworth Arts started showing an Outdoor Movie every year in September at the Village Green in Bar Harbor, Maine as part of the Acadia Night Sky Festival:Picnic With the Planets.

Image Gazer Film Festival (2010 to 2011) Ellsworth Arts collaborated with the Image Gazer Film Festival in 2010 for an outdoor screening of Maine student produced films in front of the City Hall in Ellsworth. In 2011, Ellsworth Arts and Image Gazer Film Festival presented an outdoor screening of Maine locally produced films at the Town Hall in Blue Hill, Maine.

Ellsworth Waterfront Concerts (2010 to 2011) Ellsworth Arts provided equipment and technical support in collaboration with the Grand to present the Waterfront Concerts at the City of Ellsworth Harbor Park, Maine every Friday night during July and August.

Ellsworth Public Sculpure (2007) Ellsworth Arts was formed in 2007. We worked with the Schoodic Sculpture Syposium and the City of Ellsworth to install a granite sculpture on State Street in Downtown Ellsworth. The sculpture was created by Japanese sculptor Narihiro Uemura and is titled "I Want to Ride a Cloud".