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All is well at Mossy Bottom Farm, except for the fact that the animals will do anything to get out of work. So, Shaun the sheep and his scheming friends devise a plan to put their master to sleep. However, the ruse backfires when the poor farmer finds himself transported to the big city, having lost his memory. Now, it's up to Sean, Timmy the lamb, Shirley the ewe and the rest of the gang to travel to the metropolis and get him back, while not landing in even more trouble themselves.


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  • Justin Fletcher as Shaun[1] is the main character in the film. A sheep lives as leader of The Flock who organises and ideas. Shaun wants to have a free day, and make mischief forces it upon him to go find the farmer in the big city.
    • Fletcher also plays Timmy.[1] A little lamb who admires Shaun.
  • John Sparkes as Bitzer.[1] A shepherd dog who follows the rules of the Farmer and helps Shaun to find the Farmer.
    • Sparkes also does the voice of The Farmer.[1] A British man who has spent most of his life doing routine tasks. When Shaun and the flock leave him sleeping in a caravan he ends up lost with amnesia in the big city and becomes a famous stylist known as Mr X.
  • Omid Djalili as Trumper.[1] An Animal Containment worker, who hates animals and wants to capture Shaun and the flock and have them euthanised.
  • Kate Harbour as Timmy's mum.[1] A sheep with only one child and is willing to help Shaun to find the Farmer.
    • Harbour also plays Merly.[1] A worker at the stylists shop when the Farmer worked when he lost his memory.
  • Richard Webber as Shirley.[1] A very fat sheep who is always eating and helps Shaun.
  • Tim Hands as Slip.[1] A dog who never had an owner and becomes friend of Shaun to find the farmer.
  • Simon Greenall as the twins.[1] Two sheep who are always helping Shaun and the flock.
  • Emma Tate as Hazel.[1] A sheep member of the flock who helps Shaun and the flock to find the Farmer
  • Henry Burton as a junior doctor.[1]
    • Burton also does an Animal containment visitor[1]
  • Dhimant Vyas as a hospital consultant[1]
  • Sophie Laughton as an Animal containment visitor[1]
  • Nia Medi James as an operatic sheep[1]
  • Sean Connolly as Stylists. Workers of the Styllist Shop[1]
    • Connolly also plays as Maitre D, Golfer, Angry Panto Horse and Hospital Characters[1]
  • Stanley Unwin as Bus Station Announcer and Hospital Announcer[1]
  • Andy Nyman as Nuts.[1] A sheep with strange eyes who is member of The Flock.
  • Jack Paulson as a celebrity with hair trouble.[1] A man who was in the desatre a restaurant and his hair is cut by The Farmer.
  • Nick Park as himself.[1] Park plays a man who sees two birds kissing until the caravan takes away his tent and is attacked by the 2 birds.